Exclusive formula with high concentration of Creatine, especially developed for highly demanding, competition and training animals.

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Natural Grow contains all the important aspects for a good development, growth and performance of horses and cattle.
Horse supplement with amino acids, vitamins and minerals.


Lysine 99% HCL, Methionine, Vitamin A, D3, E, Tricalcium Phosphate, Sulfur, Whole Corn, Wheat Flour, Potassium Sorbate, Raspberry Flavoring.


    • Generates correct and adequate growth, development and performance.


    • Improves the calcium absorption and stimulates the production of growth hormone naturally.


    • Optimal calcium-phosphorus ratio.


    • Muscle growth and development.


    • Improves the corporal condition in young and adult animals, eliminates the toxic products of the organism and helps the purification, conservation and activation of the organic metabolism.


    Prevents the appearance of infections.

Recommendations for use

Add to regular horses’ food

Adults: 20 – 40 g. / per day

Young horses: 10-20g/ per day

Canines and Cats: 2-5 gr. per day.

The doses can change according to the Veterinarian’s criteria.


Keep out of reach of children.
Keep this product in a cool dry place and protected from sunlight.

Consume in the shortest possible time after opened.

REG. ICA. No. 12549 SL


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